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Here are our most frequently asked questions. For additional inquiries/concerns, contact us!


1. How will I know if my suit will fit me correctly?

Your suit is made customarily to your measurements. Height, hip measurements, bra size, whether or not you have implants, and weight loss are always accounted for when making your suit. Also, every client has the opportunity to try her suit on before stones are applied. This way, any necessary adjustments can be done by us ahead of time and without stones getting in the way. 
If you are local to DFW, we highly recommend meeting with Maria to have an in-person fitting. If you are not local, your suit will be mailed to you to try on (extra shipping rates apply to clients in Hawaii, Alaska, and countries outside of the US). We always request full body front/back photos in your poses while trying on the suit to properly check the fit. Please see the “Terms and Conditions” for more details regarding fittings.
Be sure to specify any special requests for your custom suit in the Notes/Special Requests section of our online order form.

2. Am I able to return/exchange my suit?

No, all suits are made completely from scratch, embellished by hand, and customarily made exactly to each client’s liking and measurements. We do everything we can within reason to eliminate any flaws in your suit before the final product is delivered. Because of this, suits may not be returned nor exchanged, and absolutely NO refunds will be granted.

3. How much do your suits cost?

Goddess Glam custom competition suits can be priced anywhere between $150 and $1000 depending on the amount of stone coverage, choice in connectors, and whether your suit embellished with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals. We can work with any budget. Please see Pricing for a better idea of our pricing.

4. What is the difference between Swarovski crystals and rhinestones?

Swarovski crystals are the highest quality crystal in the world, whereas rhinestones are merely imitation stones of high quality gems, like diamonds, crystals, etc. The quality of Swarovski crystals is superior to rhinestones (a little heavier and more durable), they have better clarity, more facets for light to reflect off of, and there is a wider variety and more unique colors of Swarovski crystals than there are rhinestones. 
The choice to embellish with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones is a huge factor in our pricing. We ALWAYS recommend embellishing with Swarovski crystals as they are the highest quality crystal in the world and display the most luminous and showstopping sparkle. However, we also offer rhinestone embellishment to accommodate lower budgets, yet still have a bold, creative design and sparkly suit. **This does not mean a Swarovski-embellished suit would look the same as a rhinestone-embellished suit.** There are far more unique traits and color options offered by Swarovski than there are of rhinestones, so although we may be able to imitate a higher quality, Swarovski-embellished suit, using rhinestones would still not make it look exactly the same. Contact us for further questions regarding embellishment choice.

5. What kind of bottom cut should I get?

The coverage and cut of the back of your bottoms is dependent on your hip measurements, the development of your glutes, and, of course, your comfort level, and we always factor in weight loss when it comes to choosing which size bottoms are right for you. We offer three general bikini and figure/WPD suit bottom coverage options: pro, semi-pro, and moderate. 
We typically consult with clients about bikini and figure/WPD bottom cuts after we’ve received their measurements. This way, we analyze your stats and present our recommendation to be sure you are comfortable. If any changes to the bottom cut are necessary after you’ve tried on your suit, we will adjust as needed before stones are applied. 
All bikini bottoms are slightly heart-shaped when cut and have a scrunch in the center of the back to enhance the shape of the glutes. Figure/physique suits are cut to have a sharp, deep V in the front and back. A scrunch on a figure/physique suit is not necessary, however, can be done if preferred.
It is also important to check your preferred federation’s regulations regarding suit bottom coverage as some organizations will disqualify athletes with inappropriate bottom coverage.

6. Does padding come with your suits?

Yes, one set of foam-padded cups is included with every suit. We also offer silicone inserts to fill out and add 1-2 cup sizes to your bust for $16 (highly recommended especially for A/B cup sizes).

7. How long will it take for me to get my suit?

Our average turnaround time is 7 weeks, and international orders can take 8-10 weeks depending on your preferred shipping speed and whether or not you choose to try on your suit before it is stoned. Follow us on Instagram @GoddessGlamSuits to stay up to date for which show dates we are currently accepting orders. 

8. How do I clean my suit?

Hand wash/soak in cold water with mild laundry detergent, and lay out to dry. DO NOT machine wash/dry.

9. What can I expect of my Goddess Glam competition suit?

Every client can expect a suit that fits well, is durable and long-lasting, and is crafted with care and respect to each and every athlete. All of our suits meet the standards for all levels of competition, are fully lined, and tops are double-lined with pockets. We also understand how demanding competition prep can be, and we do our very best to make your ordering process as simple and stress-free as possible.